What can you expect from a visit to Kanazawa Ryotei?

Kanazawa still retains the culture of the Kaga Hyakumangoku Clan. Kanazawa Ryotei preserves traditional culinary culture, flavor, taste, and sentiment of the old days. Two hour-visit to Kanazawa Ryotei will give you a deep understanding of Kanazawa.


Cherishing the culture of accomplishments

  • ⇒Hatsugama (New Year’s first tea ceremony) and tea ceremony dishes
  • ⇒Ceremonial functions, such as a wedding based on the tea ceremony, and other traditional ceremonies in Kanazawa.

Versatile use of space

  • ⇒Traditional Japanese architecture and Japanese-style rooms
  • ⇒Meticulously cared for Japanese gardens and Yukitsuri (bamboo “umbrellas” used to protect trees from snow damage)

Creation of an aesthetic sense

  • ⇒Decoration of rooms with calligraphy, antiques and flower arrangement.
  • ⇒Performance and hospitality of Geiko (traditional female entertainers)

Arena for cuisine and craftsmanship

  • ⇒Cuisine served by cooks who have mastered techniques in preparing Kaga cuisine
  • ⇒Cuisine made of local luxury ingredients, and local sake
  • ⇒Cuisine beautifully served on art craft plateware

What is needed to be qualified as Kanazawa Ryotei;