Why Not Experience Kanazawa Ryotei?

What is a Ryotei like?

You might assume that a Ryotei is a fancy Japanese restaurant that big companies use for wining and dining, or Japanese politicians use for clandestine meetings. You might also assume that a Ryotei is expensive and hard to visit without an introduction from a regular customer.
True, it is a suit-and -tie restaurant for entertaining guests, but it is also a place where Japanese culture is concentrated.
Kanazawa, among other cities, has a large concentration of Ryotei, from which the culture of the Kaga Clan, known as the “Hyakumangoku” Clan (or one million “koku” clan), has been passed down to the present. Tourists, as well as citizens, can casually visit them.
Please enjoy all the blessings of the cuisine, plates and eating utensils, the gardens, and art and furniture, unique to Kanazawa at Kanazawa Ryotei.